We provide veterinary services to Finland's largest players in the animal industry.

For Musti Group Remote Veterinary Service and for LähiTapiola's PetHelp.

The founder of Veteva is veterinarian Eva = Vet Eva.


Key functionalities


  • Veteva´s veterinarian helps you quickly, easily and inexpensively when you need us. Wherever you are: at home, in the woods, at the cottage, on the boat or even abroad.
  • Transactions are easy and service is unhurried.
  • Each patient is treated individually and carefully.
  • There is no time limit for chat duration during opening hours.
  • You will receive high quality written care instructions. 

Common problems we take care of:

  • Diarrhea / vomiting
  • Dermatitis / wounds
  • Limping
  • Paw or nail pain
  • Ear or eye problems
  • Anal or genital problems
  • The pet has eaten something harmful / toxic

Musti Group Remote Veterinary Service

The service is freely available to Musti's regular customers and is easy to use.

Something is wrong with your Pet.
Let's check if you are a regular customer. A User Profile for M&M Remote Veterinary will be created for you.

Pay for a visit via online payment and start a chat with a remote veterinarian

We do a symptom survey and give you instructions to get your pet in shape!


PetHelp: To do business with your pet, you need LähiTapiola's health insurance. According to Vet Eva, this dog or cat insurance is the best health insurance in Finland, and you can conveniently buy it here

Pet Help

There are many concerns:

  • What is the problem with your beloved pet?
  • Is it serious?
  • What can I do? Can I take care of them at home?
  • Do I have to go to the emergency room?
  • Do I have to visit the clinic in the next few weeks? What research should be done and why?
  • I went to the clinic but it is now closed and I need more instructions.
  • I need the second opinion of another veterinarian.

Veteva in the news

PetHelp for LähiTapiola's customers

Mustin and Mirri's Remote Veterinarian is free for everyone to use.